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I have always loved art, especially painting. I was raised in Sebastopol, California and went on to receive my BFA in textile design from Otis/Parsons College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. I have been lucky enough to travel and I lived in London for 5 years before coming back to the Bay Area. My family has a long history of interest in art. It can be said that art is in my DNA. My mother’s family founded the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1879, which is part of the 5 most prominent museums in America and is still a thriving museum today.

I love how art can inspire others, and how through art one can see the world in a different way. I love being part of the experience of making that happen. I love working with oil and metallic leaf for their live, changeable quality. My goals are always to create a painting that fluctuates in its space with light, and isn’t completely static. I like to allude to realism and Impressionism while still maintaining an abstract space. I would say my strongest influences are William Turner and Mark Rothko, among others, but I see beauty and inspiration everywhere.

Each of my paintings begins with an abstract work, which then I sometimes further refine into a more realistic landscape. I try to capture elements of both genres. I first apply a layer of oil color, then layers of metallic leaf, alternating with more oil color in transparent glazes. I like to add and subtract paint with brushes and clothes to achieve a softened, dreamlike quality. The metallic layers reflect light in different ways throughout the day.

Jpeg examples of available work can be sent. All pieces except one are gold/silver/copper leaf on gallery-wrapped canvas, with oil painting on top, and sometimes more leaf.


BFA in textile design from Otis/Parsons in Los Angeles, CA.

1994 – 1996
Worked in textile design industry, both freelance and with representative Laurie Fish, and with the swimsuit converters Missbrenners in West Los Angeles.

1996 – 2001
Lived in London and worked as a freelance textile designer and as a store merchandiser/display expert for The Gap in various London locations.

2001 – 2008
Returned to America and worked at R.S. Basso and Ethan Allen as a store merchandiser and display expert at both the Santa Rosa and Marin locations.

2008 – 2016
I also have done freelance work staging properties for Realtors.

My paintings have been exhibited at Gallerie Elecktra in Sausalito California for the past seven years.

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